Food Crumb-skiy

There are so many websites covering all things food around this town that another one is hardly needed, however, I feel it’s my duty to continue with the coverage of cheap foods and places that don’t rip you off.

I recently visited La Cocinita Mexicana – a place where my friend Chimpotle has been grazing lately gaining fat for upcoming winter hibernation. This place is located in a usual Johnson County strip mall so despised by people looking for “character” from across the county line. I am happy to admit that I never ate in Mexico outside of the buffets of Cancun so I will not be judging authenticity of the food, it looked Mexican to me and everyone behind the counter was speaking Spanish, which is the case for many restaurants around here, including Chinese. The owner/manager/chef XX was extremely enthusiastic and insisted that we try a variety of fillings before we made our selections. He mentioned several times that they are better than Chipotle, I would have to agree. Two large tacos, one good tamale and a Mexican pop – little over $7, that’s my kind of place. Both tacos – beef and chicken – were pretty spicy, with good amount of filling and plenty of toppings we chose from the topping bar. I’d definitely go there again for good food, low prices, friendly staff. Plenty of seating is available.

Speaking of Mexican food, I finally bought salsa mix from Bebo at the City Market. I see Bebo at the Market every Saturday and he frequently calls into local radio shows never forgetting to plug his products after every conversation. A co-worker recently brought some excellent salsa to work and it was apparently made with one of the Mama Socorro’s mixes made by Chef Bebo (see I can play that “chef” game too).

Chef Bebo

Chef Bebo recommends to mix one package with a 28 OZ can of crushed tomatoes or a similar amount of chopped fresh tomatoes and let it set for 1 hour or overnight. Mine is doing it right now. Chef Bebo is offering other spice mixes and prepared salsas at the City Market and many local grocery stores. Here is another review of his products.

Lastly, as if this being the Best Kansas City Blog of 2008 and recent presidential elections were not enough to make you think that the secret communist takeover of this country is going on as planned, Russian vodka now has its own billboard over I-35.

“The Russians Are Coming” is so 1966. The Russians are already here…

  • Chimpo

    I’m sad that Cocinita already axed the tortas, but that will not stop me from making my once a week visit.

  • amy

    what is “mexican pop?”

  • Mexican pop is a soda made in Mexico with real sugar, also includes Mexican Coke. It’s popular among people who don’t like HF Corn Syrup. In fact they were so popular that both Coke and Pepsi now started making real sugar sodas here in US and marketing them as such.

  • Rick

    Meesha, do you think you could tell Stoli from McCormick’s (the local swill) vodka straight up in a blind taste test? With, say, orange juice mixed in? The studies all say people cannot, at least in the case of a mixed drink … So why pay for Stoli? Russian pride?

  • Actually I am pretty sure that there are people who can tell the difference, even after cheap stuff was filtered or whatever.It was either on Mythbusters or in Consumer Reports or some such place. I personally can’t but I don’t drink enough to know. A lot of people would say that there is also a difference in how you feel afterward- headaches,etc. I don’t ever buy anything in a plastic bottle and nothing cheaper than Smirnoff. For mixes I don’t think it matters at all.

  • I love Bebo’s salsas. He’s VERY enthusiastic about them which is fun. I’m going to have to pick some up this weekend. Dan never seems to remember to buy anything on my list when he’s at the market on Saturdays.

  • You can get Mexican sodas (and many other items for Mexican cooking/eating) at reasonable prices at the Price Chopper on Roe. They carry a full line of Mexican products including many items you just can’t find anyplace else.

    Question for you, Meesha – how far am I going to have to go to find real Russian-style piroshkis like I used to get in San Francisco? Do you know of any local places they might be found? There used to be a great little place in the Sunset District just south of Golden Gate Park called House of Piroshki, but they’ve been gone for years now. I’ve never found them anyplace else – got any ideas for me?

  • They may have some frozen ones at the Russian stores and they might have some at the pasrty case in front, otherwise -no. But if I get kicked out of my job I am totally doing it since I don’t have any other skills