(T)urban Police

While reading a report from a recent pro-Israeli march in Toronto “Walk with Israel” this photo caught my eye.

Considering that all the captions I could come up with were either inappropriate and/or insensitive I am just leaving it captionless. By the way, according to the article, the Orthodox Jews in the background are actually protesting the march.

…in Canada in 1986 Sikhs in Metro Toronto Police were permitted to wear turbans while on duty, and since 1990 turbaned Sikhs may join The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

  • Reformed but still not Jewish Person

    Certain streams of Orthodox Jews protest any pro-Israeli events in NYC too. As far as I understand, they believe that there should be no earthly Jewish state until the Messiah returns and sets up His kingdom himself. That’s my crude gentile understanding of it; others will know more. But they are very much visible at all Israeli day parades.