Caption Contest Awards

My latest caption contest is over and I liked May’s caption the best.

May’s caption ““- God”” probably wasn’t the funniest but the most original. May is getting 1,300 miles for the magazine(s) of her choice.

One consolation prize of 400 miles goes to Emaw for his entry:

The second consolation prize of 400 miles goes to Old Fart for getting the closest to the real intention of the billboard’s creators.

This leaves me with 500 miles for another contest in the future.

Please email me your addresses and choices of magazines.

Thanks for playing!

  • The Neilitist

    “God”? Huh. What the hell does that mean? You been hanging out in Independence with MM?

    • N, I was gonna give it to you but couldn’t find your entry

  • May

    Woo HOO! Praise Jesus! 😉

  • I liked May’s the best too.

  • The Neilitist

    I still don’t get it

  • Old Fart

    M.V. If it’s ok, just throw my 400 pts back into the pot for the next contest, and thanks for the mention.