Come Ride With Me, Lets Ride, Lets Ride Away

Recently Shane wrote about his ride to work and how it makes him wish for the public transit system. I’ve been driving my everyday 20.5 miles (one way) for close to ten years now and while it’s not my favorite pastime I think a lot depends on the soundtrack you use for your drive. Since my hectic schedule and refusal to tolerate people other than me farting in my vehicle prevent me from sharing the ride, I grabbed my new camera so I can invite you for a few minutes of virtual carpooling on my morning drive to work.  See for yourself how easy and fun it is.

(I placed the camera slightly lower than I should have, I will try better next time)

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  • That was fun! Rush hour traffic moves a lot faster than I remember.

  • midtown miscreant

    The only thing missing was the breasty nurses and the old guy who is always getting slapped on top of his head.

    • The old guy getting slapped on the top of his head was the guy who was driving.

  • I travel for JOOLS

    Way cool. You don’t go down Ridgeview to K-10? You threw me with those roundabouts (the worst invention evvva)

    • Ridgeview to K-10 is a good way to get to Lawrence 🙂
      Roundabouts work but only if everyone knows what’s going on, it takes only one moron to clog up the whole thing.

  • A roundabout is being installed in our hood at an intersection where people rarely observe the stop signs properly. I may build an auto-body shop right on the corner.

    • There are so many of them in Olathe you’d thing they invented these things.

  • Chimpo

    What? No Pointer Sisters?

    • Once in a while I listen to something else, it’s like you sometimes finding a leaf of lettuce stuck to the bacon and melted cheese in your meal.

  • The Neilitist

    While I found your film amusing, it lacked subtext. Why do I care about the fellow on his way to his daily enslavement? And there was no dramatic closure. Showing you arriving at work would have provided that. And really, 20.5 miles one way to work? Planet raper! You should’ve played sad classical music and intercut some tubercular nuns in. That would have had real dramatic heft.

  • I actually have the “director’s cut” which includes my entrance into the building and parking in the garage,but 1) not everyone needs to know where I work and 2) I had to spare my viewers the disturbing sight of that thing you call your car.

  • That was much more fun that I expected.

    Cliff travels about 35 miles one way, but he pools.

  • Dang, the guards didn’t even come out of their shacks when you crossed the border. We need to work on that.

  • they knew I wouldn’t want to stay