Behind The Iron Curtain:Soviet Pioneer Day

Today, May 19th, is the Soviet Pioneer Day. In order to properly celebrate the holiday you need to print out and wear the following badge…

…report to work marching in the uniform, blowing the bugle…

…and singing this song.

Young Pioneer, be prepared to fight for the cause of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!

– Always prepared!

Here are a few more illustrations on the subject.

  • Alex J.

    So the “Young Pioneers” were communist boy scouts, and the adult Pioneers were combat engineers (infantry with tools and explosives). Is that correct?

  • I never heard of “adult pioneers”, I think you are referring to sapper (Russian сапёр)

  • Alex J.

    Thanks, according to that article, sappers were called Pioniers in the German army. Now I wonder what the Y.P. were supposed to be pioneering.

    Andrei Codrescu told this story from his youth in Romania. He was stuck in an outhouse without toilet paper, and had to choose between wiping himself with his Pioneer scarf or some cash his father had entrusted with him. He used the cash.

  • In the earlier years the tie story probably would have been true, when I was growing up most people would’ve saved the cash.I personally burned my tie accidentally because I didn’t know that silk melts on contact with an iron. No big deal, the new tie cost less than a ruble.