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The secret of the mystery billboard was finally revealed:

Readers of this blog submitted far better captions than the underwhelming A/C advertisement from the company which is famous for annoying the radio listeners with various renditions of its jingle. I may not be an expert on puns but if you used  “hot wife-hot wife” combination, doesn’t it follow that your wife will be less hot when you fix the A/C and it’s in your best interest to keep the A/C not working or you would have to go back to seeing you plain ol’ not hot wife? By the way, the caption contest is open for another week.

I saw this sign yesterday:

I wonder who is the ad-wizard who came up with this one? At the time when “unusual banking” already helped you lose your job, your house, your savings and pension, maybe some usual banking is in order now? Like the kind the doesn’t bankrupt the country. Just an idea.
Lastly, things like this never get old (sorry for the quality, I recorded this from my TV screen):

Update: I forgot that I had this photo of a t-shirt in the window of a local religious-supply store:

img000131Here we see the Lord doing push-ups in his own gym with the cross representing “the sin of the world” on his back. The caption “bench press this” is confusing unless the t-shirt is hanging upside-down, then the Lord would be lying on the cross and bench-pressing the rock. I am just saying: Lord would know the difference between the push-up and bench-press, that’s all.

  • Yeah? Well I read what you wrote in the comments of the Midtown Miscreant’s blog, and I hope you’re not serious!!! You’ve got to quit thinking like that! Your blog has some of the hottest comedy in the KC Blogosphere! And the best food, too.

  • thanks Leigh Ann, but it does get old and tiring. every time I get a nice comment I feel like I should keep going for a little longer but nothing lasts forever. I will have a nice recipe today or tomorrow, I already have the photos.

  • The lord is benchpressing the world FOOL!


    Jesus is training for this

  • The Lord knows the difference. But it’s too bad that his marketing people are NOT as smart/omniscient as he is.

  • I second Leigh Ann. You’d better not quit! You’re one of my favorite daily reads. I’d like to apologize as a marketer for those horrible ads, but I don’t feel responsible, really, since I didn’t design them. Still, very interesting.

    • I’d like to offer my services to criticize any marketing campaign before it goes public. Pay negotiable.

  • Haaaaaaaa, Lord Gym is an instant CLASSIC! :-)))))) I wonder how much further the religious merchandise is going to go!! M.V. – I am forwarding this to all my “marketing people”!

  • DLC

    Lord’s Gym is a classic christian t-shirt, it has been around for at least 15 years. There are tons of them that imitate popular logos like Coke or Pepsi or whatever but substitute “Jesus” for the name of the product.