New Caption Contest: Win A Free Subscription

How didn’t I think of that? A huge billboard with the words “Your Wife Is Hot” and lots of white space – what could be a better candidate for a caption contest. Several people pointed out that this is probably a part of a larger multi-step marketing campaign; who could forget last year’s gimmicky promo for who-knows-what.
The rules are simple: you leave a comment, I decide who wins and the winner will receive 1,300 miles to use for a subscription (or a combination) for a magazine(s) of your choice.

By now I ran enough of these to make you feel safe about me not showing up at your house uninvited, and I am pretty sure all the winners ended up receiving the magazines. I’ll make this post stay on top for a couple of weeks til about May 20 when I will award the prize.

  • “But our coffee is hotter” [with big M logo, of course]
    “Then you need our walk-in freezer”
    “But not as hot as our pancakes”
    “Our dresses are the best turn-off for a horny stranger”

  • Your not using that Jam-whatever app anymore,
    so I had to do this manually.

    From Three O'Clock in the Morning

    • Their site seems to be down, looks like it never took off and I can’t find anything similar, tried a plug-in last night but it didn’t work.

      • Yeah. They probably didn’t get enough publicity. Maybe they should have tried some marketing. Or, tried to get people who used and liked the app to tell their online friends (or “social network”) about it.

        Oh welz

  • Here’s my entry.
    Here is my entry

  • That’s an “oldie but goodie”

  • May

    “- God”

  • @May: Perfect, on multiple levels.

  • I travel for JOOLS

    Stay away from her TKC or I’ll have you deported.


  • “My wife says so.”

  • Machinists Local 101.

  • Old Fart

    Your Wife Is Hot
    Get Your Air Conditioner Fixed
    AB May Heating and Air Conditioning Repair

  • OF, this may not be so far from the intent of this billboard.

  • Old Fart

    Your Wife Is Hot
    Your Mother-In-Law Is Not
    Open Up A High Interest Money Market Account With UMB Today,
    So You Can Save Enough To Pay For The Plastic Surgeon Your Wife Will Need In Twenty Years.
    We’re Just Saying.

    UMB Bank… We Can Save You From It.

  • Журналисты выступили. Что сделано?
    Миша, разберись, пожалуйста с этим 😉