Re:Your Wife

This billboard on the Northbound I-35 past I-635 exit (mile marker 231.5) made me take another look; I still don’t know what it sells, but it’s about time your hot wife and I met.

Whatever it’s supposed to advertise or if it’s just a joke I’ll take this over religious billboards any day.

P.S. This photo is unretouched, go check for yourself.

  • Must be a Kansas thing. Cliff always told me Kansans were weird.

  • Old Fart

    I think it would be an air conditioning advertisment… but without a specific company name and number… weird.

  • midtown miscreant

    Drove past it today. im guessing its one of those signs they will ad to once or twice. Its like a cliff hanger billboard.

    • I feel a caption contest coming on

  • It must be the beginning of a campaign. There is going to be more, I’m sure. You are right tho, Misha – muuuuuuuch better than the religion billboards! 🙂