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    “What began as an insular gang extorting local businesses in “Little Italy” in the early 1900s developed into a formidable juggernaut during Prohibition, eventually allying itself with the political engine run by boss Tom Pendergast.

    One hilarious story in the book tells of the State Line Tavern, which sat directly on the state line at 3205 Southwest Blvd. Gamblers moved to the west side of a white line that divided the building if Missouri police raided the joint, and to the east if officers hailed from Kansas.”
    from Open City: True Story of the KC Crime Family 1900-1950 (http://www.thechicagosyndicate.com/2008_08_17_archive.html)

  • http://just-cara.tumblr.com/ Cara

    Oh, and that snooker (pool hall) place is still there, but it’s a “signature loan” shop at the corner of Truman Road and Montgall.

  • snozkc

    Hmm. 3205 southwest blvd is miles within Kansas. Maybe the address is incorrect.

    • some guy

      @snozkc – The address 3205 southwest blvd is several feet inside Missouri, but the building itself crossed the state line.

      There is a QuickTrip at this site now. You may recall it was in the news recently, because it was moved several feet east to be considered in Missouri for tax and liquor control purposes.

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  • Lucy

    The woman in the hat holding papers is my Granddmother… Caroline “Carrie” Carrollo

    • http://kcmeesha.com kcmeesha

      This is so cool. Did you know she was in Life?

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