I have a camera too, you know.
This composition is called “Another Forecast Screw-up”. In it we see a local weatherman staring at the snow he didn’t predict. He is bent under the heavy guilt and curses of the TV viewers. The sculptor expressed heavy burden of being a failed meteorologist through the tense back muscles and a somber pose. Viewer could almost feel the weatherman thinking: “I should have listened to my parents and went to a law school”.
Stone, snow, shuttlecocks. Author unknown.

The next composition is called “Flower Power Melts The Snow”.
Rusted Car, Snow, Trees. Donated by D&C Scrapyards.

This photo is called “See a Man About A Horse”. In it we observe three major components: a group of submerged lights which signify the word “see”, a man and a horse. The lights are submerged in the vessels with water. The artist wanted to show how electric hazard affects the other components of the composition. Does it scare a man? A horse? We don’t know.The calmness reflects the thought that the man and the horse in the photo don’t know anything about electric safety. Maybe the horse actually knows something because it’s looking away. The man is clueless though.

Man, Horse, Electric Hazard. Donated by the Fire Department.

Lastly, I took this photo of a journal where visitors are encouraged to leave their thoughts.
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  • And, the weatherman is naked so it must be ratings week. Like the pix.

  • OK, you totally lost me on this one. Maybe it’s because I’m up too late. Or maybe I need to be smoking something.

  • I went to the gallery today and as always was fascinated by off-the-wall explanations they hang by the art, so I tried to write a few of my own.

  • A.B.

    What weathercaster are you referring to? They all predicted snow from what I can tell — lotsa snow — mainly because the NWS told them to.

    Nice pictures, though.