Here Chef, There Chef, Everywhere Chef, Chef

The second most annoying trend in food writing after using the repulsive word “foodie” is overusing the word “Chef”. If everyone who just happened to be in a kitchen is considered a chef, then real chefs need to come up with a different work description. Apparently I am in a minority with this opinion and here is the proof – a screenshot of a recent episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

Introducing J – the Food Court Chef:

  • Cara

    Can we add “sandwich artist” to the list of stupid names for food occupations too?

  • Bull E. Vard

    I don’t think they could field a decent kitchen crew from the “chefs” on that show. There’s also a corporate buffet chef. I’m pretty sure that should be called a line cook.

    • I still like to watch it (although I took pictures of a car wreck, so it figures). My daughter has hard time differentiating the bleeps. Even if you watch it with subtitles it actually spells out the word “bleep”