Ronald Reagan Tells Soviet Jokes

I can testify that some of these jokes are pretty authentic. I grew up at a time when nothing like this would ever show up in print and people almost whispered these, as we called them, anecdotes to each other at home, at work or at school. Later on, thousands of these jokes were published in books and on the internet but the spice was gone, although some still remain pretty funny.

  • You’ve got to give him credit… the man could tell a story… those are a riot.

    • DLC

      It’s great that most of these jokes are true. Too bad a lot of important things that came out of his mouth were complete and total lies.

      • Liberty

        If only he could have been more like the wonderful, honest president we have today. I’m sure future presidents will strive to be just like your precious Obama…

  • Jed Skillman

    Ronald Reagan’s vision for America and the world was plain and simple, and it was “true”: free people and free economies. Disagreement with Reagan does not make him a liar, it simply indicates an inability or unwillingness to see the truth Reagan expressed, or, for that matter, even another point of view.

    I note the posting date of DLC’s comment is Feb. 10th, 2009…It is now mid-March, but still shy of the magic “100-day” mark in a new Democratic administration. We are already seeing big discrepancies between what our new President promised during his campaign and what he is delivering in office. Better hang onto those words “complete and total lies”, they may come in handy later, used alongside words that are already being used like “incompetent”, “corrupt” or “tax cheat”.

    Don’t waste your time trying to sully the memory of Ronald Reagan.

  • B. ALLKA

    Jed, buddy, I don’t know what they serve at your nearby pub, but in order to compute, your assesment of Reagan’s policies and ideals, would have to be equated to a violent husband’s assesment for his conduct towards his better half.

    Reagan’s legacy of poor wording and strategic choices ultimately led to a world in total disarray, lacking respect, credibility and most importantly lacking any vision. Reagan and his followers lost their mind and the big game the day they thought they won it. You need an enemy to keep the necessary ideological pressure on your own. Killing that one true and reasonable enemy was the single, most ill-prepares, ill-advised and ill-executed play in the entire Cold War (that and the Iran-Coca-Contra gate)…so much for free people and free economies.

    But again, I still don’t know what the kind of beverages they supply to your neighbouring Pub/bar what ever…could be strong enough.

    • Liberty

      Were you even alive back then? You think the Soviet Union wasn’t a threat to the U.S.? And you think the Cold War was Reagan’s fault? Interesting, by the way, since it began in the 1940s!

      Countries didn’t disrespect the U.S. in Reagan’s time. They disrespect us now because Obama is a worthless coward who would rather play a passive mediator than protect our country. But, hey, at least he gives good speeches, just like Hitler did. And that’s what is truly important for the future of the U.S… Someone will good interpersonal communication skills…

  • Jed28

    Hey, this is great.

    A couple years ago, during Barack Obama’s “First 100-Days”,  I happened to post here a reasonable comment regarding Ronald Reagan.  I am one of the people who believe that this country has been fortunate to have been led by an amazing number of excellent Presidents over the years.  Ronald Reagan was among the best, certainly of the 20th century. 

    Today, in June of 2011, I happened on this site again and I see that soon after posting my original comment some Leftist, still on his election “high”, took to the keyboard in hot response.  Can’t have anything good said about Ronald Reagan, not after we’ve just elected the Smartest President Ever.  Read that guy’s comments.  You can just feel the Hope and Change.  No wonder everything is so screwed up.