Siege Of Leningrad

January 27th is an anniversary of the lifting of the Siege of Leningrad – one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of the World War II. 900 days of bombing and starvation claimed over 600,000 lives.

Someone overlayed old photos of the blockade with the photos of St. Petersburg today to create haunting images at the same time signifying that life goes on even after a horrible tragedy like the one that happened 70 years ago.
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  • Wow those are great photos, that is a cool effect to convey the idea.

    I was peripherally aware of the Siege of Leningrad, but not much on the details. I knew there were a lot of deaths, but 900 days of bombing was a revelation.

  • Papias

    Very cool photos. Someone took alot of time to find the same spots as in the old photos.

    I read the book “900 days” by Harrison Keller. Its probably the best account in English.

    The account of bringing supplies across Lake Ladoga is stirring.

    Makes me remember the one day i spent in Leningrad back around 1990.

  • I was in Leningrad for about 6-8 hours on my way elsewhere for about 6-8 hours. Not enough.