Behind The Iron Curtain:The Mummy Returns

On January 21 all that’s left from the “progressive humanity” (mainly two bloggers in Kansas City and a couple of drunks in Moscow) remember Vladimir Lenin who died on this date in 1924. I wrote about Lenin and his preserved body a time or two, but recently while looking for some video I ran into something that truly made me want to gauge my eyes out. Due to graphic and disgusting nature of the video showing some work being done on the Lenin’s corpse I am not embedding it here, if you feel that you need to see it, follow the link.

Below is the video of the Kremlin Regiment Honor Guard near the Lenin’s Tomb. I could totally march like this but didn’t have the looks, the height and the weight, and I talk too much.

  • Doc

    Some people have an incredibly hard time letting go, eh?

  • Well of course you had to say “Due to graphic and disgusting nature of the video…” and of course, I had to click it. Of course, I’m one of those people who goes to every once in awhile to check on the state of that poor unknown woman’s body. I worry about myself.

    I’ve never quite understood the purpose of Lenin’s body being preserved and displayed.