Christmas Inflation In Olathe

I drove past this house many times over the years, every year noticing more and more inflatable things slowly taking over the place. Today I stopped by to take some pictures of the “Paulie’s Penguin Playground” located in Olathe. The front, roof, driveway, yard and everything else around the house is covered with every inflatable toy imaginable. There is a passageway through the yard leading to the porch where you can leave a donation to the Leukemia Society or buy the owner’s truck.

Short video look-around:

(Pick any two): Merry Happy Holidays Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa!

Other examples of local Christmas Art from Midtown Miscreant and Plog.

  • Those inflatables make me want to vomit.

  • Old Fart

    If that was my neighbor, I’d be out there every night with my BB gun.


  • midtown miscreant

    I saw em on the news, said it costs 1500 in elecrticity for the season. To adults it looks like crap, but kids eat that shit up. So if he does some good out of it, I guess we can forgive the inflatables.

  • DLC

    Those people are just completely insane

  • Burrowowl

    Every inflatable toy I can imagine? Really?

  • Good thing this was blocked at work. Thanks,B.

  • Dee Dee

    These are friends of mine who enjoy the Christmas spirit & raising money for the disease that took the life of Paulie’s mother. So the rest of you can just be quiet & let the rest of us enjoy it. OBTW, his neighbors have no problem with this at all. They understand the season of love & giving to a fabulous cause.

  • Carla

    Personally havent seen the show HOWEVER, everyone has the right to decorate his/her yard as they desire. THAT IS A RIGHT IN THE GOOD OLD USA!
    Maybe I am biased as I am Paulie’s auntie who lives in Oklahoma.
    This is a great way to raise funds to fight a disease that took his mother way to early!
    God Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  • Elizabeth

    My kids love it. It is magical to them! I hope that as long is these fellow Olathe residents choose to do this… they do it regardless of these ridiculous posts. We will visit every year and donate to this cause during the Season of GIVING! Bless them!

  • Renee

    Hey! I know Paul from high school and knew his mother too! He and his family didn’t DESERVE to lose Betty at all! Paul has turned his grief around and used it for the betterment of people suffering from the same thing his mother died of! One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned in all of the articles and everything is the fact that not only did she die around Christmas which was her favorite holiday, but Paul’s birthday is in December also which gave him a double whammy when his mother passed away!

    I can only hope and pray that I find a way to deal with the recent death of my husband like Paul has found to deal with his grief! I wish I were in Olathe to see this up close and in person…maybe someday I will have a chance to come at Christmastime to see this extravaganza…but I love living in Texas where it is warm!