Russian Gourmet:Chocolate Sausage

Hello Ladies! There may be times in your life when you are craving something chocolaty and who knows why you may want it to be shaped like sausage. You are at the right place, kick back, relax and learn how in less than twenty minutes you can make your very own delicious rock-hard Russian Chocolate Sausage.

For this recipe you will need just a few simple products:


4 packs of Maria’s Cookies from the Mexican Aisle in your grocery store;
1 cup of sugar;
4 tablespoons of milk;
Vanilla extract;
2 sticks of butter;
1 egg;
Nuts are optional but they sure taste good;

Now that all of your ingredients are assembled you are ready to start. Mix sugar and egg, add milk, vanilla extract and cocoa. How much cocoa depends on how chocolaty you prefer your chocolate sausage; put too little and it will be unappealingly pale, put too much and you will have hard time finding it in the dark when you crave it the most. Now place the mixture on low heat and continue to mix with rhythmical circular motions until the sugar completely dissolves and it slowly starts to boil. Do not beat it with the whisk, you are not trying to whip it into cream, just mix slowly so it doesn’t burn. When the mixture starts bubbling a little, add softened butter. Do not stop mixing but remove it from the heat. It’s warm enough. When the butter melts you can finally stop.


Now proceed to break the cookies into small pieces. You should end up with a mix of small pieces and crumbs. Some of you will be tempted to use a food processor but restrain yourself, chocolate sausage likes manual touch.


Combine the chocolate mixture with broken-up cookies. If you decided to experiment with nuts, now would be the time to add them.


Make sure that you are doing a thorough job, I recommend using a spatula with brisk up- and down- motions. You don’t want to leave any cookies dry, it will adversely affect the chocolate sausage.

Place a large piece of parchment paper on the table and spoon the mixture in the even layer close to the edge.


Starting at the near edge tightly wrap your chocolate sausage. When it’s wrapped squeeze and roll it as needed to even out the mixture distribution.

P1020371 P1020372

You are doing very good, almost done. You may want to wrap the sausage in another layer of aluminum foil just in case. Now place it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.


That’s one long thick sausage you have. Doesn’t even fit on the shelf. I know you want to eat it right away but you need to wait. Leave it there for now.

When the sausage is hard remove it from the fridge, unwrap and slice up to your liking. Let it melt in your mouth, smell the chocolate, feel the crunch. Enjoy the Russian Chocolate Sausage!

P1020386 P1020385 P1020381 P1020379 P1020384 P1020380
*God, I apologize for writing this post.

  • Dear Lord, I think I just died and went to heaven. And that’s just looking at the pictures.

  • midtown miscreant

    You just made prison brownies, no homo, and I’m serious. The only difference is we used busted up oreos, a little extra strong instant coffee, some broken up snickers. Roll it up in a clean, unused trash bag, boil it in the bag for 10 minutes, put it on ice for a couple of hours. Now if you can make your own soap on a rope, you’ll be ready for the big house.

  • I also know how to boil water with two razor blades.

  • This kinda reminds me of the honey molasses maple sugar rice krispies loaf used on the Golden Girls…

    I bet this would go nicely with Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls or SNL’s Schweaty Balls.

  • You should never apologize for chocolate treats. That looks awesome!

  • DLC

    Is this really a Russian recipe? Or did you just want to write about long, hard Russian sausage?

  • Your Mom

    No kidding, and you sure mentioned the optional nuts a LOT. 😉

    I like to experiment with nuts from time to time too. I try not to make it a habit though.

    Sausage without nuts more though..

    I could go on all day.

    p.s. How did fit that sausage in your refrigerator? Always amazes me how those really big ones fit where they shouldn’t.

  • DLC. this is a Russian recipe, people made these things because good chocolate candy was hard to get but there were plenty of cookies. In this particular case you are right, I made it because I wanted to write about extra-long rock-hard chocolate sausage. In Russian it’s called “kolbasa” (similar to kielbasa) which actually means sausage. I could have called it a log but that wouldn’t make the same impression.

  • RSL

    After months of lusting after this delicacy, I finally broke down on a cold rainy fall day in the capitol and produced this treat. The cookies you suggest I have to say leave quiet a bit to be disired. And using 4 packages? No way. I put one in and it was overkill. Who will ever taste the nuts? Then i reluctantly followed your cocoa portion sizing, and ended up with a washed out mixture. No worries, I said to myself, I’ll just add a little more, as I dumped a good half a jar into the boiling concoction. But here we are. It’s definitely time for some kolbaska, and I have 3 of them ‘setting’ in the fridge. One I even stuck in the freezer for expedited results. I sure hope I’ll be able to find it in the dark!

    –Russian Sausage Lover (RSL)

  • Dina

    my mom has made it for years and while I did know some other Russians who were familiar with it I knew it had to have a foreign origin. Well, I just found out from an italian friend that it is a very common dessert – in fact more common in restaurants in Italy than tiramisu. So I guess its Italian! 🙂
    Looking at the color in the photos, I use at least double the cocoa for a darker chocolate. I’ve also never used milk or vanilla and used more butter and eggs for an easy to remember ratio of 444111 (4 cookie rolls, 4 sticks of butter, 4 eggs, 1 cup of sugar and 1c+ of cocoa, 1c+ of walnuts). Halving it turns out just as well (although after years of making it I think the full recipe does come out slightly better). Making 3-4 smaller rolls makes for shorter fridge/freezer time if you are in a rush and easier to give an extra roll away before you eat the whole thing :). Also, if you freeze instead of fridge right away the cookies dont saturate with chocolate as much and makes for a different less homogeneous texture that some might prefer. That crunchiness can also be increased if you dont make the cookies into too many small crumbles when breaking them up.
    Also great hot in a bowl with ice cream over it and no waiting involved. God, you are right, we SHOULD be sorry for posting this 🙂
    Note to others – 4 packages of cookies WILL look like its too much, but its not. Keep mixing and be patient, they will all get coated contrary to what it feels like in the first few mins. You can mix in a little at a time if it makes you feel better.

    • dan

      you should have done a better research! it was originated in Russia and THEN spread all over Europe.

      • dina

        Dan, would love to know more. Where did you find info on the origination in Russia and spreading to Europe?

  • RSL

    Dina, Dan,

    It’s not the recipe spreading, its Russians with recipes, and not just all over Europe. We aren’t in Moscow anymore.


  • Elmirax

    This thing is awsome! im latvian ( latvia is near russia, ispeak russian and live in england lol) my nan made this and she didnt use those biscuits, she used malted milk,plain and digestive iscuits, she also added half a tub of chocolate spread! how on earth do u fit it in the fridge? we had a problem with that! LOL!

  • im russian.i just cooked. but i used sweet condensed milk, Vanilla cookies(nilla)or butter biscuits , butter,raisins and some pecans,cocoa
    delicious and many calories:) great with tea

  • Frances Main

    Man you had me at…”delicious rock-hard Russian Chocolate Sausage”…..I am there!