The Country Will Be United After Elections, Until Then Burn In Hell

Sarah Palin effigy hung in Halloween display gets an A for effort and creativity, but similar display of Obama gets an FBI investigation. For other displays of pre-election “art” check out Midtown Miscreant’s post here.

  • This country will be more divided after the election.

  • Whether we become united after the election probably depends on who wins.

    Remember Bush’s favorite campaign promise, “I’m a uniter, not a divider!”

    We saw how well that worked out


  • Grace

    You can see on Midtown’s blog that I way disagree with you on this. And you can talk all about the discrimination you face as a Russian and as a Jew but I just don’t think it’s comparable. I don’t even think it’s kosher to make the comparison. I have faced discrimination as an Asian. I was told by an Italian woman in Brooklyn that she would not rent to a chink and that I would fill her building with my stinking cooking smells. Happened again with a Polish landlord in Greenpoint (you’ll appreciate the irony there). There are many examples, but those are the ones that bothered me, because it wasn’t just name-calling, it actually affected my material well-being (I really wanted those apartments).

    Still, a far cry from being a product of slavery, being in this country due to the slave trade, having a history of systematic, official, legalized discrimination and disenfranchisement against my people. Still a far cry from knowing people flinch to see me drive down their street or my kid show up in their kid’s classroom, knowing that people transfer their kid out of my kid’s school b/c it has “too many black kids.”

    Okay, getting off my rambling soapbox and going to bed.

  • Oh, one more thing… is that Joe Biden or John McCain in that pic? I can’t tell

  • Doc

    Whether we become united after the election probably depends on who wins.

    Nah – it’s too late for that.

    The country (in the modern era) has been divided at least since Nixon and probably as far back as Kennedy. The ‘official’ demarcation line probably started with Lincoln.

    With luck, and judiciously applied ‘common’ sense, we can overcome the rift. But it will take a certain openness of heart and dialogue missing from our public spaces for too long; it will also take an honest assessment of who and what America is becoming and an owning up to our faults and intolerance.

    Caucasions in the U.S. will be a minority in less than 40 years; much of the hysteria surrounding this particular election is in reaction to just that fact.

    The U.S. is as hidebound as either the Chinese or the Japanese a few centuries ago. And the harder we cling, the more painful it will be.

  • Leigh Ann, I agree with Doc. There is just too much resentment and real hate for any kind of unification. People who paint hammers and sickles on obama’s signs and people who hang palin on their house, and even people who quietly give a finger to a house with mccain sigh on it, I just don’t see this going away.

  • SmedRock

    Elections in this country have ALWAYS been this crazy. Look it up.

    As far as being united? More so than now yes, but as the first commenter stated, unfortunately it will make some more divided. One is because people fear change, and when you have people thinking that a huge change is coming, they react strongly. Then we have the racism coming back to the surface. Just look on youtube for the Palin Iowa speech where a female in the audience was dropping the N Bomb (thanks Hatorade for the link).

    Long time reader, new commenter, keep up the good work.

  • DLC

    You mean I’m part of of the problem for giving a quiet finger to houses with McCain signs? Damn…

  • The way I see it is when Obama’s candidacy was brought up 4-5 years ago and the odds were calculated, some democratic Karl Rove – type (and you are delusional if you think only republicans can have such a person) ran exactly this scenario when the usual mud-slinging goes low enough to the point where “we’ll hang you from a chimney” and “we’ll hang you from a tree” -stop can’t go there. The fact the Obama doesn’t emphasise his race doesn’t mean that it implicitly not present. And I am pretty sure this was a huge factor in picking him to run, as were his looks, white mother, the fact that he doesn’t talk like he grew up in the ghetto. Racism never disappeared, it just went undercover, but thinking that Obama’s race is not used to his advantage in this election is just being too idealistic. Idealists don’t win elections.

  • Grace

    SmedRock: Totally true that elections have always been crazy. In fact, they used to be crazier. Read this article (the beginning is a real eye-opener) for a historical view. And certainly poll taxes are a memory for many southern blacks.

  • Grace