Behind the Iron Curtain: Photos

Some photos made in the USSR when the Iron Curtain still existed periodically circulate around the Internet. This set is a pretty good compilation without confusing Russian text. Some people react with nostalgia, others with hate. It was a controversial time and as it moves further into the past people tend to forget the bad and only remember it to be simple, happy and care-free. It wasn’t, but it’s nice to think otherwise. Take a look for yourself (click on Lenin to see the rest).

Here are more photos although some are the same.

Some more a here, here, here, here (these are made by National Geographic’s Dean Conger)  and here.

If you have any questions about the photos, please submit it together with a link to the photo in the comment section.

  • I always joke with my wife that waiting in line is the national sport of Ukraine and Russia (and jumping over puddles).

    However, I would wait all day for two bottles of delicious cognac like this guy:

    I was a bit suprised for the long line for kvass though (probably because I don’t like it very much):

    You should enlighten your readers on kvass, I’m sure it’s virtually unkown in these parts.

  • Long line to get Kvass is there because: 1)It’s tasty; 2) It’s cold; 3) Limited amount of mugs or glasses. You had to wait for people to return theirs, which will then get rinsed in the garden hose glass-rinsing gizmo and returned back in circulation.