Everyone Runs!

Couple of weeks ago we went out to Woodlands to see the dog races. If you’d never been there before, it’s actually fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a day off. My daughter actually won about 7 or 8 dollars – enough to make her happy. You don’t have to know anything about betting or the rules and you can bet on dogs….

….or their handlers…

Two dollars on the fat kid to show…

  • travel

    Haven’t been there in a couple of years but did win a tri-super ($4700) one fantastic night. Ten people won that race that night. I was so excited I almost peed my pants.

    And, hey the food is good too.

  • ivory

    I took my daughter to the races as well, but for a school project. Her journalism teacher gave the assignment to write a story on a sport in which they did not participate. My daughter worked all evenings when she wasn’t participating in her sport (rugby). I jokingly said I would take her to the dog races and she could report on that. Her teacher was good with the idea, so the whole “observation with photos” part of the report only took about 15 minutes, including watching the dogs go to/from the gates. Very interesting sport.

  • I like the wiener dog races they have every year…otherwise, not really amusing for me. I’m glad you had fun though!

  • $4700 and I was bragging about 8 bucks

  • midtown miscreant

    I’ll put twenty on the chunky girl to win, no way that fat boy can run 1/2 mile. He’ll fade down the back stretch. Chunky girl by a twinkie.

  • What Fat kid or chunky girl? Are you two smoking dope! the Skinny white kid has long distance written all over him in freckles! I’m taken skinny to win. But to hedge that I’ll lay out a 5 dollar box on Skinny, Fatty, and Chunky for the daily pick three in a box!


  • I dunno Nightmare, that skinny ginger-nuts doesn’t look like he is pacing himself. He may be a sprinter rather than a finisher.

  • they guy behind can always bump with “yo Momma” jokes.

  • What kind of low-life takes children to the track! That’s outrageous! (Avoiding mirrors.)

  • Not only I took her, I also let her pick and bet on dogs. When she asked if she can bring a friend, I said other parents may not be so understanding.