Poll of The Week: DVD Extras

I already have poll questions for the next two weeks, one of them is dealing with body hair and is a little more controversial, although I am pretty sure I know the answer. So the controversy will have to wait.

The question of the week came up because I can’t recall anybody ever mentioning that they watch the DVD extras i.e directors’ comments, deleted scenes, actors’ bios, etc. I admit that if I like the movie I may look at deleted scenes or an alternate ending. I never (not once) had director’s comments on and may have looked at other extras less than 5 percent of the time. If extended cut is available I always select it but then it’s not an extra, because I am still watching the same movie just a longer version. I understand that there is plenty of space to fill on a DVD but why not fill it with some B-movie or whatever. I realize that many people who read this are self-professed geeks, so poll results will probably be skewed towards “yes”.

[poll id=”8″]

  • I watch the director’s comments on all the Kevin Smith movies because they crack me up. But I don’t really watch anyone else’s director’s comments.

  • May

    I watch extras, but I hate commentary tracks. If someone is talking through a movie, I want it to be me.

  • Burrowowl

    I voted “no,” but have it on good authority that listening to Arnold comments on Conan the Barbarian is worth the price of the disc all by itself.

  • I voted yes, because you didn’t have a choice for “sometimes”.

    For commentaries, usually only favorites (good choice on Smith Michelle, Tarantino can be good too). But I will watch alt endings and deleted scenes. If there is a different European edition on the disc, I’ll watch and compare.

  • Chimpo

    Only for Super Troopers, which was worth it to hear someone’s penis compared to a can of tuna