WTF Illustrated (now weekly)

During last Saturday’s discussion “The Ethics of Blogging” the question of the similarities and differences between journalists and bloggers was brought up many times. There were local professional journalists including Bill Grady with his 40 years of journalistic experience, more than one professor, authors of several books who opined on the subject, but to me the main difference is that a real journalist will not write anything under the heading “WTF Illustrated” and he/she will not stop in the middle of the street to take a picture like this.

  • Exhibit A:I guess the coveted title of “Mr.Olathe” has been usurped by this schmuck. Seems like all you need is a picture and a truck to slap it on. Luckily I can still qualify for “Truckless Mr. Olathe” ( I drive a Focus), or “Better Looking Mr. Olathe” or “Mr.Olathe with the Russian Accent” although this one is not hotly contested.
  • I don’t have a photo for this one, but since I am covering religious topics now, I hope there is a special place in hell for people who slow down before a stop light and then speed up and go through it, leaving you with an option of running a red light or stop and curse them for the duration of said light. I hope when they arrive in hell they will get to sit in the car and every time red light comes on they will get hit with a fresh batch of fire and brimstone which is actually stoked up by people who ding your vehicle with their car doors. But that’s a different story.
  • Today at the dentist’s office I was lucky to read this article about the women who go into lengths to preserve mementos of their pregnancy for generations to come.

    I know, I know “pregnant is beautiful” and I agree, but there is a limit of how far I will go to decorate my house. But if this your thing, knock yourself up and then knock yourself out. For the record, these things are creepy too. Why hurry the nature, just wait another week or three and you can look at your child every day for the next 18 years. Your kid will thank you for not dragging these photos out every Birthday and you will have many more opportunities to capture your child’s embarrassing moments, bronze their shoes, and use other techniques to inflict damage on their young psyche.

  • I think the pink one’s just a bit too done. The air has been let out of the twins. This is why I’m not having children…oh yeah, and then there’s the whole they’ll be with me for the rest of my life thing.

  • Well, actually I kind of like having my daughter. I’d recommend having a kid to anyone who is able AND can afford one.It’s that creepy new-agey crap that pisses me off.

  • While there was no way in Hades I would ever have allowed someone to make a mold of my beached whale-edness of pregnancy, the 3D sonogram was actually very cool. I’m so glad we did it. Not only was it reassuring to me as a first time mom that all fingers and toes were growing in the right spots, but it gave my husband something more to connect to than my roiling midsection. He (both of us) actually cried the “first time” we saw Darling’s face.

  • What would you do if something was missing? That would’ve totally destroyed the rest of your pregnancy. We had a regular sonogram where I couldn’t tell what’s what, and connected the old way when I was the first to hold the baby.

  • Meesha, I think the idea is, if your baby is jacked up, you can get used to the idea, or get rid of it, before it gets here. Obviously if it’s missing all of it’s extremities some mothers would prefer to terminate the pregnancy before having to deliver the child or fetus, wtf is politically correct these days… Now I’m not saying it’s right or it’s wrong, I haven’t been there, don’t know. Either way, I think that’s the general idea.

    Deep shit yo.

  • actually these particular ones are not done for medical reasons, they are pretty much portraits. look at their site.

  • Bloggers are free to post whatever the fuck they want, journalists have a job. And while neither are completely fair and unbiased, at least that should be obvious to most blog readers.

    And I like boobs as much as the next guy, but no effing way that would get on my wall.

  • Burrowowl

    What the heck is the point of having a kid if you’re going to refrain from damaging them psychologically? Kid gloves are for baby goats.

  • Hahaha, is that middle one hanging from the pantry? Seriously, what decor would those go with?

  • good thing they didn’t try to memorialize the moment of conception. I am patenting that idea right now 🙂

  • Burrowowl

    @MV: those are called “sex tapes,” and they’ve been around for years now. Ask Rob Lowe.

  • I was thinking more of a sculpture.

  • Burrowowl

    @MV: You’ll probably want to set up an additional camera and carefully keep track of each track’s date for future reference, then. Gotta have at least two angles on the action for the dimensionality, otherwise you’re leaving a lot up to the artist/technician when you get the 1:8th scale bronze memorial for the blessed event constructed.