Odds and Ends

It seems like at least once a week I have a follow-up post or just a hodgepodge of thoughts that don’t fit in anywhere else. This one is both.

  • 63% of voters enjoy the awesome smell of asparagus urine. I don’t know what it means, except that I will not be serving asparagus when any of you show up. Thanks for voting.Odds and Ends
  • Newly incorporated into this site image of Cheburashka scared and confused many of you. Relax, he is not scary. Cheburashka was a beloved character in old Soviet cartoons and children’s books and rumored to be considered for a mascot of the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. My generation grew up with these cartoons, and most people can recite all the lines and especially the songs. When I needed to choose the default avatar, I stumbled upon this picture and it’s here to stay.
  • Hurry up for your chance to become the blogger god-parent of Chimpo’s future child who in a few days will start a lifetime of regretting her choice of father.
  • For you tree-huggers: Take the Conservation Quiz and win a free Earthbound reusable tote bag. Deadline is 4/30/08. I don’t care about global warming,I just like a freebie.
  • Some links to pass along. Interesting article about the history of banana production and how it dominated US foreign policy in Central America. All the clueless people who are trying to free Tibet may find this article interesting. XO passed along a link to some cool-looking Soviet-era buildings. Don’t spend too much time on that site though, it’s so geeky it makes “Revenge of the Nerds” look like “The Animal House”.
  • Lastly, I received a comment on my post about Lenin’s Birthday disagreeing with me about Lenin changing the world when “no one asked”. While doing some research for that post I watched a documentary “Who Financed Lenin”. Throughout the history there were rumors that Lenin was a German spy. This documentary described in detail using archives from several countries how Lenin was financed by German Kaiser in a plot to knock Russia out of WWI by destroying it from within. While every documentary can be manipulated to serve whatever purpose I don’t have any reason to doubt its conclusions. There were unhappy people in Russia during that time, there were protests, strikes, demonstrations and arrests. However, while protesters may say that they hate their government/country/political system, only few are actually looking forward to their country being destroyed. Turns out Lenin actually paid protesters with German money, published newspapers which falsified information and created panic in the country, constantly misrepresented the state of war, and then, right before Russia was ready to sign peace agreements,forced his way into power. When people realized what happened it was too late. If the situation was left to resolve itself the history would have likely turned out very differently. So, was Lenin asked to change the world? I am sure there were some radicals who asked. But did the rest of the country ask him to do what he did? I am not so sure. I thought of many parallels with modern day Iraq and US financing of Ahmed Chalabi to overthrow the regime. Something didn’t click though, perhaps because they didn’t read Lenin’s works about the 3 symptoms of the revolutionary situation. They should have, he obviously was a pro. For more on the German plan to destroy Russia by way of the revolution read about this guy.
  • http://burrowowl.net Burrowowl

    You have a maddening habit of tucking post-worthy topics into these grab-bag posts. History would have turned out differently if nobody had interfered. Somebody always interferes. That’s how the world moves forward. There are a many interested parties in political situations, and the bigger the stage, the more stakeholders you’ll find.

    Here’s to hoping Akismet will let this one through in one go….

  • http://kcmeesha.com m.v.

    first of all, congratulations on not being a spammer any longer. :-)
    I don’t like blogs with multiple daily posts, they tend to be skimmed, and I like my stuff to be read,even if only few people read it. I am not qualified to have a meaningful historical discussion based on facts, obviously my history studies were skewed one way, then it swung all the way to the other extreme. facts are somewhere in the middle. Some people devote their time studying alternative history, I have a short attention span. I of course, have my own opinion on the subject so I try to stick to that without making a lot of stuff up.

  • http://donna-justme.blogspot.com/ Donna W

    Hey, thanks for the tip on getting a free tote bag. I learned a few things in the process of taking the quiz.

  • http://3oclockam.blogspot.com emawkc

    My company handed out a bunch of those free, earth-friendly tote bags a couple of weeks ago.

    I used mine once and then threw it away.