Russian Gourmet:Pickled Tomatoes

Russians pickle everything that grows:cucumbers,tomatoes,apples, watermelons, cabbage,eggplants and whatever else can fit in a jar, can, bucket, barrel and taste good 6 months later. There is nothing more simple and delicious than pickled tomatoes.

Cold shot of vodka, pickled tomato,
Inhale through the nose, repeat.
Life makes sense.
Pickled Tomatoes Pickled Tomatoes Pickled Tomatoes

  • These sound yummy. I’ll have to make some if I can keep from drinking all the vodka first.

    On another food note, this Friday Feast thing is spreading like a super virus. Any way you would allow me to use your No Friday Feast image on my site to show others that my site is virus free? 🙂

  • Sure you can use the image, this is getting pretty bad. on Logtar’s blog there is a comment “we have the same salad”,that’s just sad

  • Whoa, hopefully that’s not a tossed salad they have in common.

  • m.toast

    Okies pickle everything too. Mmm. Pickled watermelon rinds. <3

    Any tips on where to acquire such picklings locally?

  • there are two Russian stores in this area: European Delights on 95th and Antioch and (forgot the name) on 79th block west of Metcalf.

  • Wow, never heard of pickled tomatoes , or watermelon rinds for that matter. I did do a bunch of jalepenos from your recipe last night Meesha, looking forward to trying them this weekend!

  • the ones I made turned out great, but they make me cry… and eat some more
    we pickled whole watermelons,not just rinds,delish.
    I should offer tours of the Russian store.

  • That looks almost TOO good to eat!

    Oh, and m.toast – Pickled watermelon is available at some Price Choppers and maybe Hen House. (It’s amazing, y’all.)

  • And don’t forget about the pickled sow’s ear. Mmmm… good eats!

  • I am gnawing on that right now

  • becky binczewski

    Hello, I’ve started looking for info about a preserved watermelon my 88 year old mother-in-law told me about. She grew up in the Ukraine and she said they took small round watermelons and put them in a wood barrel with charcol in the bottom. Covered them with water, put a heavy lid on them and in the winter the adults had wine and the kids had watermelon to eat. Can it be true? What do you think?

  • Pickled watermelon is true and it’s delicious, I don’t know about the charcoal since I grew up in the the city and only had the end-product. If you are in the proximity of a Russian store, they may have it. There is a quick way to do it if you slice the watermelon (leave the rind on) rub it with salt on both sides and leave it overnight. If you are interested I can look up the details.

  • Hi there — would it be all right if I linked to this post to show others the vodka-pickled tomatoes tradition? The pictures are beautiful, and you’ve described the mechanics of it perfectly. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Emily, you are welcome to use anything on my site as you see fit. Happy New Year!

  • Thanks very much. Happy New Year to you, too!

  • Joy

    Did a search for tomatoe pickle recipe and came across your post, but I don’t see a recipe. Is it alright if you send me the recipe? Thanks!

  • The recipe is not very precise:fill a jar with tomatoes,add a handful of garlic cloves cut in large chunks,I also put black peppercorns, bay leaf, celery – the leafy tops, old dill (the one that looks like sticks with seeds).Then make a brine- for a quart of water about 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of pickling salt. Boil it,let cool, pour to cover tomatoes while still fairly warm. Let sit on the counter for 2-4 days loosely covered. When the brine is not clear any longer, put in the fridge for few more days,for about a week total time. I just go by taste and see how it goes, tomatoes should be soft to touch as well. If there is a layer of white scum-looking stuff on the top, just skim it off, nothing wrong with it.