Behind the Iron Curtain: Moscow 1960’s

I don’t suppose many of you are browsing Russian blogs, so I thought I’d link some interesting pictures. The source is here and here is a Google translation. I also added some related links in case you are wasting time at work.

Red Square

Manezhnaya Square. Hotel “Moscow”

Central Lenin Museum. State Historical Museum

The old building of Moscow State University

Mayakovsky Square and monument to VV Mayakovsky

Pushkin Square

Kutuzovsky Prospect

Building Museum Battle of Borodino panorama

Swimming Pool “Moscow”. This pool was build instead of planned Palace of Soviets which was supposed to replace the demolished Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,presently restored on the same spot.

House of Friendship with the Peoples of foreign countries

V.I.Lenin State Library of the USSR

Karl Marx Prospect with the monument to Karl Marx

Sverdlov Square. Bolshoi Theater.

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Andrei Rublev Museum(formerly Andronikov Monastery)


Chkalov Street

Komsomolskaya Square

Monument to the worker and a farmer woman. She is holding a sickle and he has a hammer. Hammer and sickle-get it?

Monument in honor of the Space Development

Dzerzhinsky Square

Moscow City’s Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren

Student dormitories Patrice Lumumba University.

South-West Suburbs

Lomonosov Prospect

Leninsky Prospect.Public is greeting Cosmonauts returning from space.

Leninsky Prospect. Department store “Moscow”

Borodino Battlefield

Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye (XVI century)

Highway Circling around the city.

Domodedovo Airport

  • Very nice. I was in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1998. Got to see Red Square, and I loved the art in the subway. Also got to see a couple cemeteries and big farms with tiny houses on them.

  • Doc

    Cool! Thnx.

    Back in my globe trotting days all of USSR was off-limits to me. In fact I was unable to even visit the ‘western’ section of Berlin. And while I now have occasion to visit the continent now and again, I have yet to manage a visit to Russia…

    Nice to put some names with places I’ve wondered about after seeing only on film or television…

  • I will have more pictures soon. They are not mine but I think most people wouldn’t have found them any other way.

  • johnsnow

    thanx a lot. me being russian still find these images quite valuable.

  • Ori

    Mantap gan, mantap!!!