Speaking about ugly cars with high gas-mileage…

Some old Soviet car commercial.

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Did Urkel Park Here?

Old becomes new again. BMW Isetta driven by Steve Urkel looked funny on Family Matters.

Maybe not so funny anymore. Smart Car was spotted today next to Nebraska Furniture Mart, brought to you by $4/Gallon gas.

Where the hell do you mount a trailer hitch on this bad boy?:

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…but wait,there is more… Did Urkel Park Here?

Behind the Iron Curtain: Moscow 1960′s

I don’t suppose many of you are browsing Russian blogs, so I thought I’d link some interesting pictures. The source is here and here is a Google translation. I also added some related links in case you are wasting time at work.

Red Square

Manezhnaya Square. Hotel “Moscow”

Behind the Iron Curtain: Moscow 1960′s


I upgraded my blog to a new version of WordPress today without much trouble. Most of the changes are only visible to me, automatic plug-in update feature is worth the upgrade by itself. I found a little plug-in which can display all the plug-ins used on the blog, so I thought it would be neat

…but wait,there is more… Technical

It’s that time of a month…

… when I am eating red borscht again. Since my daughter is unlikely to inherit any money, this recipe is probably all she is going to get, so she can cook it for some unlucky schmuck who will get me for a father-in-law.

…but wait,there is more… It’s that time of a month…