Since the invention of the sliced bread Americans were deprived of the taste, aroma, texture and pleasure of eating the real bread. Bread is not supposed to be squashy, buttering a slice of bread should not require some yellow substance (it’s not frigging butter no matter what the box says), bread should be satisfying, filling, with crispy crust and aromatic crumb. Real bread is named artisan bread now and there are several places in town where you can find it. These rolls can be purchased at China-Town Market on 3rd and Grand and they cost only 50 cents each. Look for them around the cash register.
The best thing since (and long before) sliced bread – real bread. Enjoy.

  • Midtown Miscreant

    New york deli on troost just north of gregory had really good bread at one time, not sure if they still do, havent been in a few years. You might try them if you havent already.

  • meesha.v

    I’ve been there before. I am not sure if they bake their own, nut the Reuben was huge.There are few bakeries in OP and one in Lawrence. If you are driving around in OP, stop by Hen House on Metcalf and 135th, they have a real brick oven there and the bread is great and not overpriced.There are also Mexican bakeries in KCK.

  • Bea

    Amen! One of the things I miss the most about Colombia was my neighborhood bakery, where bread was bought warm and fresh every day.

    That stuff in bags is disgusting. I always look for anything that isn’t industrially made.

  • meesha.v

    I bake my own when in the mood

  • Spyder

    I would pick hot bread over chocolate any day. Do I have to turn my woman card in?

  • Heather

    I like hot, crusty bread as much as the next person. However, sliced bread does have it’s place. Namely in the form of a grilled cheese or a bologna sandwich.

  • travelingal

    There was nothing more savory than having breakfast in the German hotels each morning. Every kind of bread and rolls you can think of was piled high along with meats, fish, cheese, and traditional US breakfast foods such as eggs (though they had orange yolks), cereals, fruits, etc. The bread, though, was what my mouth watered for.

    Damn, I’m hungry.

    Where is the bakery in Lawrence? I may have to take a drive today.

  • meesha.v
  • Kanga

    OK, I stopped baking my own bread cause I ate it like crazy and my triglycerides and waistline ballooned. But you are getting to me with this.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree with you more!