Green Borscht

Green Borscht is a delicious soup made of spinach, scallions, sour cream, hard-boiled eggs and potatoes. I am not sure why it’s called “borscht” since the only common ingredient with the red borscht is potatoes. Notice home baked (by me) rye bread on the side.
and here is some related SNL when it still was funny
Update: NBC a-holes removed the video from YouTube, it can still be seen here.

  • Chimpo

    Did you go fishing in my toilet?

  • meesha.v

    that’s part of the recipe

  • Midtown Miscreant

    What is the broth? Just water, chicken,what? Ive got to say it doesnt look to appealing , then again my idea of a good meal is a couple of corndogs and some kind of breaded deep fried cheese product.

  • meesha.v

    I use water. I realize that it’s not what you crave, I like it though

  • Heather

    Why not use chicken broth instead of water??

    I can see that a relationship is forming between Meesha and Chimpo. It will be like that between Emaw and Xavier. Handy.

  • Spyder

    Heather I think you are right!

  • meesha.v

    I follow the secret family recipe and I don’t feel anything is missing. You want to try it,just say so.
    Between his menses and his toilet bowl Chimpo can open a bona fide Russian restaurant in KC.

  • Kanga

    I think the borscht looks great, but the bread looks even better. I bake a mean challah, bbut have never tried rye.

  • meesha.v

    I knew someone will notice the bread. I’ve been using “Almost no-knead recipe” from Cook’s Illustrated. Now they locked up their recipe but I have online subscription, email me for details.