Salvation Army bell ringers- racket for a good cause?

Bell ringers are out there already. This is the worst time of the year for me, when I will drive or walk to the store entrance that doesn’t have a bell ringer even if it’s a mile away. I didn’t grow up here and the sight of a Salvation Army Kettle does not evoke fuzzy feelings and warm memories of childhood in me. All I see is some nice people volunteering their time and effort to collect few pennies for the needy, standing in the cold and dark just to encounter unworthy assholes like me, plowing ahead and pretending not to notice their sad faces.
I am not against charity, it has it’s place, just please do not force me to do it by making me feel guilty on my way to pick up some cabbage for my borscht. Do not bring your kids, your pets, your crippled relatives, I don’t need your mints or tootsie rolls, just let me through without making me feel like crap. For all you know, I may have just donated my car, my kidney, my x-wedding ring and I don’t have any more to give. I am not evil, I am just going to get some toilet paper.
And when the summer comes and bell ringers re-qualify as shriners (thanks,I can open my own damn door, it’s automatic anyway), boy- and girl-scouts (I bought the cookies,what else do you want), and your little kids’ sports team/band/club/whatever, please stay out of my way. People collecting money at the stoplight, please do not jump at my car. Unattended kids at the gas station with huge plastic tubs filled with three Snickers please leave me alone. And whoever those clowns are wanting me to discover Jesus in the middle of my dinner, next time please skip my door.
Thanks, Target, for understanding how I feel.

  • Kristine

    Amen, brother.